Surveys & Feedback

Now receive constructive feedbacks by engaging Surveys

Talkk's engaging conversational feedback platform delivers higher completion rates and more actionable insight which helps you increase customer loyalty and make better service decisions.

“45.8% of consumers would rather communicate with a business through a messaging app than email.”

Improve through Surveys & Feedback Chatbots Now!

  • From boring and slow, turn your customer's surveys and feedback to fast and engaging.
  • The engaged new age customers prefer a fast and efficient way of communication i.e Chatbots.
  • Feedback can be obtained from anywhere, anytime - Web, App, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and any channel of customer choice.
  • Quicker business decisions to adapt to changing business realities.
  • Direct feedback from business entities allows you to grow your business more quickly.

Features & Benefits

Constructive Feedback

Quickly understand your customer directly through them.

Engaging Mechanism

Through the power of engaging chatbots get more completion rates.

Multichannel Feedback

Your feedback and surveys reach your customers via various web, app, and social media channels.

Improve Business Decisions

Real-time dashboards and reporting tools deliver insights more quickly than ever before.

Business Growth

Learn, adjust, adapt more quickly and gain in the most efficient and speedier way.

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